International Ship Repair and Marine Services
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Our Services

- Dry dock repair and maintenance service for vessels
- Conversion
- Damage Surveys and Repair
- Main Propulsion and Mooring System
- Main Engines,Aux. Engines, coolers
- Onboard Services for steel renewal
- Onboard Services for pipe renewal
- Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Economizers
- Crank Shaft inspection, Grinding and Honing
- Valve Rebuilding & Repair
- Pump Repair or Replacement
- Diving & Underwater Inspections/Repairs
- Steel Fabrication & Replacement
- Hull and Tanks cleaning
- Hydro blasting
- Grid Blasting
- Painting
- Sea-Chest
- Coating
- Cathodic Protection
- Diesel Engine Repair
- Propeller Service
- Refactory Replacement
- Welding (Certified)
- Location & Purchasing of Specialty Items
- Motor Rewind, Repair or Replacement
- Sewage System
- Insulation
- Electrical Repairs AC or DC
- Electronic Repairs
- Crane Repair
- Turbo
- Chargers Overhauls
- Gas Free certicate
- Hotel and Transportation Service
- Send Repair Status Report
- Supply Fresh water and Oil
- Renew Echosounder and Speedlock
- MegaYatch Lifting
- Tank Construction

provide a wide range of marine services to shipyards, ship-owners and shipping agents; specialising in ship building, vessel repair and marine engineering. Over the last three decades, we have acquired a great deal of experience and training in dealing with the complicated operational and technical challenges that may be causing you frustration. We can be your local technical partner to minimize your costs and expenses in the current market.


We have the capability to do various conversion projects. These projects could involve converting containerships to live stock carriers or converting single hulled vessels to double hull as required by Marpol.


Han & Han Marine Services offer full design and build facilities for vessels. Our dedicated team has considerable experience of building high quality workboats including tugs, harbour vessels, agency boats, tankers and dry-cargo ships in Tuzla, Istanbul.



The services that we offer include grit blasting, hydro-blasting, painting, hull steel repair and renewal, main and auxiliary engine overhauls, pump and valve maintenance, and the repair of shafts, propellers and rudders.

We also have experience in a successful boat repair business, serving the complete overhaul of the main engines and generators, repairs to propeller shafts and auxiliary equipment.

Our basic ship repair services include:dry docking

• Steel fabrication (hulls and superstructures).
• Aluminium fabrication (hulls and superstructures).
• Hull treatments & hatch covers repairs (including hydro-blasting, grit blasting and painting & coatings).
• Repairs to pressurised vessels.
• Pipe and valve repairs.
• Electrical services.
• Hydraulic services.
• Tank cleaning.
• Carpentry jobs.

We also provide maintenance and repairs for a wide range of on board equipment, including: engines, generators, gear boxes, propellers, stern tube seals, pumps, purifiers, compressors, boilers, steam installations, fans, turbo chargers, fresh water makers and water treatment systems, condensers and heat exchangers, winches, cranes, electric motors, stabilisers, thrusters, and steering and DP systems.


Our dedicated team are available to meet our customers’ repair requirements on board vessels in port or underway anywhere in the world as well as in all Turkish ports and

Services that we supply in this way include:

• Repairs capable of taking place afloat including those in the engine room, on deck and inside tanks.
• En-route de-sludging of cargo and ballast tanks
• Tank cleaning
• Hydro-blasting and tank coatings
• Overhauling of a wide range of machinery and systems
• Hull damage repairs


We have accessed to the workshops which are equipped with a range of modern machine tools, including large horizontal and vertical boring machines, pipes bending and rolling equipment, CNC machines and equipment for the dynamic balancing of rotating machinery. Other capabilities include:

i. Shaft and propeller repairs
ii. Stainless steel shaft repairs
iii. Reconditioning your vessels; all engine components;
Piston including aluminium alloy Exhaust valve spindle and seats, Cylinder heads & covers, Fuel injection nozzles and plunger, Engine governors, Connecting rods, Turbochargers, All kind of pumps, Electric motors.

iv. Fabrication of IGS fan impellers in stainless steel or bronze
• Dynamic balancing of rotating machinery
• Castings – pump casings and impellers in bronze, cast iron and cast steel
• A comprehensively equipped workshop with lathes, boring machines, milling machines, band saws, CNC cutting machines, steel rolling machines, hydraulic presses and guillotines, and laser alignment equipment.


Han & Han has a highly qualified team headed by a hydraulic engineer dedicated to the maintenance of hydraulic equipment and associated systems.

Electrical Services

• Rewinding of motors, generators and transformers up to 1800kVA.
• Automation trouble-shooting
• Electrical wiring
• Installation of main switch boards and control panels
• Cleaning of electric panels
• Installation of DP systems

Hydraulic Serviceshydraulic

• Building and commissioning of hydraulic power packs
• Repair and maintenance of hydraulic power packs plus associated hydraulic devices for different installations such as winches, cranes, capstans, cargo pumps, lifts, valves and stabilisers
• Overhauling of cylinders
• General fault resolution
• Installation of hydraulic equipment
• Fabrication and installation of hydraulic lines
• Flushing of installations (including in hazardous areas)

Tank Constructiontank-imalati1

The slop tanks, storage tanks, mixers and reactors relating to shipbuilding, construction, chemical industry and various sectors are manufactured.